About Us

Hi, my name is Ken, Tanto & Andin. We are entrepreneur that live in London & Jakarta. Due to global pandemi early this year, we want to help our countries which have big impact especially in Bali - one of the great Island which depend most on the tourism sector.

We build Balithings on March 2020 and have collaboration with Local farmer and artisans in Bali to improve their economy in this pandemic situation. As we know, our lovely Bali is well known with its natural scenery, traditional culture, beach and also food beverages. Our Island of Gods' tourism sector has taken a massive beating due to the economic impact of the global pandemic as borders closed and flights have come to a complete stop.

As this effect, many people in Bali lost their jobs and their economically has been drop almost 90%. So we decide to make Balithings as a bridge to fulfill the global demand about Bali’s product and also help the locals to improve their financial to survive in this pandemic situation. We go direct to local artisans and local coffee farmer and seeking for the best quality product. This is why, our price is very competitive and best deals because we took the product direct from the source. Since March 2020, we already help more than 1000 local coffee farmer and artisans. We believe that this number will gradually continue because the response was so good.

For those who ever been visit Bali, you must be hundred % agree that Bali is the real goddess island. With its beautiful scenery, unique traditional culture, and fabulous food beverages makes Bali one of the best place to visit. So kindly join us and feel like in Bali, also not forget to mention by buying this product you also support many local farmers and artisans to survive in this pandemic. Let’s holding hand together, support each other and pray that this pandemic will be over soon.

Stay health and keep positive ;)